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Many of these are linked to my old weblog. Over the coming weeks (months? years?) I'll move them over to simple HTML pages on this site (as I plan to do with all of my archival weblogs so I have them all in one place. Eventually I intend to shut down the BlackCat site entirely but that will take some time to finish.

Date Story
Seotember 23, 2001 A Summer Project Completed. We finally manage to collect all six Red Sox pins.
September 22, 2001 Weblog Accessibility: An article I wrote for any interested weblogger on simple techniques to make blogs accessible to readers with disabilities.
September 1, 2001 Our Garden (2001) Note: this page is horribly unfriendly to modems. You probably want to avoid this unless you have a fast connection. I'll fix it soon so it's broken up over a few pages.
[Photo Essay]
September 1, 2001 The Apple Store opening in Peabody, MA at the Northshore Mall [Photo Essay]
May 8, 2001 A Perfect Baseball Night
A visit to Fenway Park
March 7, 2001 The March 2001 Snowstorm
A Whole Lotta Snow [Photo Essay]
December 12, 2000 Stumblings and Fumblings
Dad and Son learning together
November 4, 2000 Night in Hell
Letting the baby cry it out...
October 27, 2000 Trip to Vancouver [Photo Essay]
3 days in Vancouver...
October 22, 2000 Reminder of the Past
Jack won't go to sleep...
October 21, 2000 Autumn Glory [Photo Essay]
This is what I saw out our bedroom window this morning...
October 18, 2000 A Baseball Skeleton in my Closet
My dark secret past as a baseball fan...
October 15, 2000 Beavertail Light [QuickTime Video]
On the last day of my vacation, Ann and I went to Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, Rhode Island.
October 14, 2000 Out with Grandpa [Quicktime Video]
Jack and his Grandpa visit the park.
October 3, 2000 Eulogy for an Old Friend
Our cat Sebbys died today. It hit me much harder than I would have guessed.
October 2, 2000 A Walden Picnic [Photo Essay]
We went with some friends to Walden Pond and made a weird discovery about Jack...
October 2, 2000 Transitions
Everything is changing, it seems.
September 2000 Olympic Rant
Damn NBC. Damn Bob Costas. Damn them all.
August 11, 2000 Sleep Deprivation
Something I wrote when I just couldn't sleep one night...
August 9, 2000 Ch-ch-ch-changes...
Dad's first night alone with the baby...
April 30, 2000 Our First Long Trip with Jack [Off site]
Mosquitoes, a wedding, and rest-stop breast feeding
April 25, 2000 The Great Poo Incident of 2000 [Off site]
Not for the easily grossed out.
March 3,2000 The Final 24 Hours [Off site]
We're really going to have a baby. OH. MY. GOD.
July, 1999-March, 2000 Nine Long Months [Off site]
Pregnancy in all its glory.
September 27, 1999 Digging in the Dirt
My adventures in grave robbing.
July 1999 Pert
They changed the formula and I mourn the loss of an old smell...
May 1999 Waffleiron
Poor electricity, bare feet, lots of batter.
April 11, 1999 Thoughts over Agnolotti
Introspection, seafood, and nuns.