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Hiya! Thanks for stopping by.
You are either here because you know who I am and are wondering what's new with me and are checking the weblog, or maybe you are wondering what kind of site I would have or you are thinking of hiring me to do a website for you (oh gods, don't use a personal site to judge our ability to do a professional site! Use our main site for that!) Or you happened to wander here through some link on a page somewhere. In that case, your only real interest is probably if I happen to be that same Andy you knew in fourth grade who sent you an anonymous love note figuring you'd never know who sent it to you except that it was well know what a Star Wars freak I was and I wrote one of the R's in the letter the way the "R" is written in Star Wars and you figred out it was me and in the years that followed you wondered what happened to me. Well, I'm married now with a child so you're too late, Courtney. If you'd only said something back in fourth grade, things might have been different.

Anyway, I'm Andy J. W. Affleck though I used to be Andy J. Williams. Why the change? Well, obviously it's not federal witness protection program or I wouldn't be telling you. It's much simpler: I got married and liked my wife's name more than my own. So, I made Williams a middle name and tacked Affleck on to the end. I started life in Scarsdale, New York and went from there to Bronxville, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and then to College at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. I worked there for many years after graduating in 1990 and then ended up at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Technology in Education program. I live in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, DC with my wife Ann, our cat Robin, and our son Jack (see Baby Jack's page). I work for Development InfoStructure, aka devIS.

I always happy to get greetings from friends and strangers. Feel free to drop me an email at andyjw at raggedcastle.com (it's not written as an email address so I don't get added to some spammer's list somewhere -- I figure you can translate that into a usable email address).