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Andrew J. Williams Affleck

andyjw @ post.harvard.edu


WebCT, inc. (formerly Universal Learning Technology)                                                                  Lynnfield, MA

Senior Director of Customer Services & Technical Operations — August 1998 to March, 2001

·    Was on of the first ten employees of WebCT which produces WebCT, a web-based e-learning tool that is widely used by institutions of higher education around the world.

·    Was heavily involved with early growth of company including creation of IT department and hiring of its first manager, initiation and building of System Administration department and internal Web Development team.

·    Directed both the Technical Support department as well as internal IT Support department. Additionally, managed a team of web developers and system administration department.

·    Applied knowledge of and background in technology in education, pedagogy, and working in higher education to improve support to faculty using WebCT.

·    Handled all aspects of department management including fiscal year planning, budgeting, writing business plans, developing infrastructure to support departments, determining staff needs, hiring, performance reviews, problem resolution, etc.

·    Technical Support Department

·    Directed fifty-person help desk based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

·    After acquisition of WebCT by Universal Learning Technology in June 1999, assumed leadership of their ten-person support team. Over the next year built team up to 50 people, hired new director, revamped internal procedures and escalation plans, investigated and installed a new CRM system all while dramatically improving response times and customer satisfaction.

·    Designed and oversaw implementation of all new Support website which interfaces with Remedy CRM to provide customers direct access to a knowledge-base, FAQs, and the status of their submitted queries. <www.webct.com/support>.

·    Internal PC Support Team

·    Managed internal IT Support Team providing technical support to entire company across all locations in a multi-platform environment (Windows and Mac OS).

·    Wrote all company system policies, and provided alerts and announcements to company for IT-related news.

·    Directed the successful rollout of Windows 2000, Exchange 2000 and Outlook 2000 company-wide including installations, documentation, and training sessions.

·    System Administration Department

·    Created System Administration department spanning Boston, Philadelphia, and Vancouver

·    Hired and managed Director of System Administration.

·    Oversaw building and management large corporate data center hosting a  farm of Solaris-based systems including needs analysis, procurement, capacity planning, emergency and loss control planning, and vendor relationships.

·    Set up team to work closely with and act as backup to the Technical Support department in working with end-user problems related to centrally hosted WebCT installations.

·    Web Development Team

·    Initiated, built, and managed five person web development team building applications for internal needs including integrating Remedy CRM with support website.

·    Reported to the Chief Operating Officer and was member of company’s management team.


Ragged Castle Design                                                                                                                    Waltham, MA

President — January 1991 to Present

·    Self-employed as a consultant and web designer working for various clients over the last decade specializing in e-learning.

·    Client: DevIS, Arlington, VA: Preparing report on adaptability and appropriateness of all current methods of web-based distance education for compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Reviewing all sites created by DevIS for compliance with Section 508 and preparing internal guidelines for future development. (June 2001­Present)

·    Client DevIS (for the United States Department of Labor), Arlington VA: Designed DisabilitiesDirect.gov website replacing older disability.gov site to be launched in August 2001. Site provides access to information to all citizens and federal employees and will provide access to online learning for Americans with disabilities. (June 2001­July 2001) <disabilitydirect.gov>

·    Client: Working Values Group, Boston MA: Consulted on various projects including building a new internal position to handle web maintenance and IT needs. Also consulted on a number of web designs for their clients in the area of internal corporate ethics training. (January 1998­September 2000)

·    Client: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge MA: Designed and implemented Web site for the Chandra (AXAF) Observatory. Special focus on online learning with tools for teachers and activities for children. (April 1998­October 1998) <chandra.harvard.edu/pub.html>

·    Client: Harvard Education Review, Cambridge MA: Designed and implemented Web site for the Harvard Education Review and for the Harvard Education Letter. (November 1997­May 1998) <www.edletter.org/>

·    Client: Educational Development Center, Newton MA: Technical Coordinator for  “Learning and the New Technologies” Summer Institute hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in July, 1998. Handled all technical issues surrounding conference setup, instructor presentations, and design of program website. (May 1998­July 1998).


Houghton Mifflin Interactive (now Sunburst Technology)                                                               Somerville, MA

Webmaster — November 1996 to February 1998

·    Lead redesign team for corporate web site.

·    Maintained and updated Peterson Online (based on the field guides of Roger Tory Peterson). <www.petersononline.com/>

·    Maintained and updated website for “The Polar Express” seasonally.

·    Maintained other product sites and main corporate site as needed.

·    Specialized in online e-learning games for children.


Dartmouth College                                                                                                                          Hanover, NH

Various Titles including: Manager Computer Resource Center, Senior Consultant, & Webmaster — June 1990 to August 1996

·    Senior Consultant/Systems Analyst

·    Created and taught classes on the Internet, basic and advanced Internet Navigation, and Web page design.

·    Managed staff of 20+ undergraduates responsible for running the general consulting desk. Included interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and training. Team supported 11,000 users across Dartmouth College and the Medical Center

·    Supported faculty, staff, and students on Windows, DOS, UNIX, and Macintosh platforms.

·    Designed and produced information and documentation for internal staff use.

·    Initiated, designed, and developed internal CRM system for Help Desk, Computer Resource Center, Webmaster Team, and Postmaster Team.

·    Manager, Computer Resource Center

·    Managed pre­sales demonstration and consulting area assisting faculty, staff, and students with pre-sales questions as well as use of high level graphics software, digital video editing, color printing, and other advanced technology.

·    Consulted with faculty on appropriate technology for use in the classroom.

·    Managed staff of seven, including interviewing, hiring, scheduling, and training.

·    Maintained complete familiarity with entire Macintosh product line from 1991 through 1996 as well as all peripherals and third party products.

·    Managed budget for buying and selling hardware and for regular operations including staff salaries.

·    Designed and oversaw $30,000 renovation of center.

·    Communicated with hardware and software vendors regularly and maintained, with their help, a large collection of advanced hardware and a large software demo/lending library.

·    Member of committees to evaluate hardware and software to determine appropriateness for Dartmouth College sale and use including decision for standard recommended hardware packages for incoming first year students.

·    Webmaster

·    Created the initial Dartmouth College website in 1994. Was one of the first College websites in the US. Maintained site and redesigned as the technology matured through 1996.

·    Formed and co-chaired the Dartmouth WebMaster Group, a standing committee overseeing the Dartmouth Web pages and servers and assisting Dartmouth community members interested in serving their own Web pages.

·    Directed various Web based development projects and related staff as needed.

Professional Development & Skills

Training & Teaching

·       Master Teacher in Computing for Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) teaching 30 underprivileged high school kids from Dorchester, MA, Enfield, NH, and Philadelphia, PA. Also built and maintained computer lab for program. (July 2001)

·       Guest lecturer on Online Learning Systems for “T522: Educational Software Project Design” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. (May, 1999)

·       Guest lecturer on Technology in Education for “Education 20: Educational Issues in Contemporary Society” at Dartmouth College. (October, 1998)

·       Teaching Fellow for “T525: Designing Educational Experiences Using Networks and Webs” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. (Spring Semesters 1997 and 1998)

·       Teaching Fellow for “T522: Educational Software Project Design”  at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. (Fall Semester 1997)

·       Assistant Instructor, lecturer, and grader for “Engineering Sciences 4: The Technology of Cyberspace” at Dartmouth College. (Winter Semesters 1995 and 1996)

·       Guest lecturer on Internet topics in classes at Dartmouth College including Film Studies 7, Women‘s Studies 1, and Education 10. (Various Dates, 1994­1998)

·       Created and taught a wide variety of single and double session courses on the Internet, Basic Macintosh Skills, and more at Dartmouth College for faculty, staff and students. (Various Dates, 1990­1996)

·       Guest speaker at a dinner for Dartmouth Club of Central Massachusetts in Worcester, MA (Winter, 1996)

·       Guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Dartmouth class of 1953 in Hanover, NH. (October 1997)




In General

Management of technical and/or creative staff (both direct and matrix), web design and development, web and multimedia design for education, consulting on a wide variety of areas, budgeting, team building, project management, rapid learning and self-training in new technologies/software packages/operating systems.


Operating Systems

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME, UNIX (Solaris, BSD), Linux, MacOS (OS 1.0 through OS X)



HTML, XML, XSL, XHTML, DHTML, Python, AppleScript, UserTalk (Frontier/Manila/RadioUserland), Perl, JavaScript, CDML/FDML, ASP/PHP



Microsoft Office 2000, Exchange/Outlook 2000, MS Project 2000, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape/IE/Opera, Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache, Zope, Remedy ARS/CRM, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Fireworks, Flash, ImageReady, FrontPage, Framemaker, Filemaker Pro.



·    Master of Education (Ed.M.), Technology in Education Program, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

·    Bachelor of Arts (A.B.), Computer Science and Education, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH