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Sunday, June 09, 2002
Is the Universe Really Consistent?. The Scientific Method has allowed us to do awesome things, but this has come at a price we seldom notice. We rarely remember the hidden assumption at the root of all science -- an assumption which was considered radical and improbable as recently as 300 years ago. Science works on the assumption that the Universe is consistent. And while the mighty works of Science remind us that this is not a bad assumption, Science cannot prove the Universe is consistent because it cannot really address the matter of inconsistent things at all. [](5:41 PM)

A picture named 09vet.jpg
Women Soon to Be Majority of Veterinarians: "Sumiko Mekaru, a fourth-year veterinary student at Tufts University, restraining a 195-pound dog."

Hey! That's our friend Sumi! COOL!

(3:42 PM)

We were lazy tonight (it's been a hellishly long week for both of us. Ann's been incredibly sick and I've been deputized at work with my boss out of town so I've been doing double duty at both work and home) so we were just channel surfing. We watched the end of Miss Congeniality which is always fun, a bit of the Wedding Planner (both movies have Murphy Brown alumnae) in which Matthew McCan'tSpellIt is a terrible looking blond (and which fits the Jennifer Lopez theme I got going, one of the hits to this weblog today was based on someone doing a Yahoo search for j.Lo and finding an earlier entry from March 27 where I mention that I danced with her once). [Aside: OK, maybe that guy was right about parentheses and sloppy writing]. Then we watched the second half of Jeffrey, a movie which starred a large number of people who were in NBC shows around that time. The idea was interesting and the story could have been quite compelling, but the movie just fell flat. Steven Weber and Michael Weiss both came across as straight men playing at being gay. By contrast, Patrick Stewart did an excellent job and was quite believable as an older gay man. In the end, it was so-so. Even the Nathan Lane segment went a bit too long. So, eh.

Now we're watching Queer as Folk and rather enjoying it. So, we have a third theme going tonight.(12:14 AM)

A New 'Cut' of 'Cinema Paradiso' Only Deepens the Nostalgia. I can't wait to see this new cut.(12:00 AM)

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