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Saturday, May 18, 2002
Lost in Translation is addictive! The first verse of "You are my sunshine" comes out thusly:

They are my sun, sun of the mine only. They emit the lucky shutdowns the other way around to me, if the skies ash-gray are leached. They never know, expensive, how much master to him. My sun does not clear to me requests.(11:56 PM)

Funny Jack Moment: We're reading "Runaway Bunny," his current favorite book, and on every page I ask him to point out the baby and the mamma. Normally, he points at them when I ask and says "baby" and "mamma." It's very, very cute.

This last time, we get to the page where the baby is hiding in a flower and the mother is a gardener looking for him. I asked him "Where's the baby" and he pointed to the baby in the flower and said "baby!" and when I asked "where's the mamma?" he pointed at the mother bunny carrying a hoe and said "Ho!"

Velvet Johnson would be proud.(8:19 AM)

apulrang.diary: "In any given group, the Andys are always the most interesting people to talk to." I have to agree. Like this one time? At band camp? ...(7:59 AM)

Friday, May 17, 2002
New York's Best Espresso? Now I have an intense craving for good espresso. I picked it up on our second trip to Italy in 1999. Prior to that, I only ever had cappuccino which, I later learned, only tourists drink after 11AM. I wonder if I'll have any better luck in Washington, DC... Or the North End of Boston... things to try...(11:51 PM)

Thursday, May 16, 2002
ER Act 4: A cliffhanger? Oh whatever. A kisshanger. Huh. Whatever. I have nothing pithy to say about the show after that.

Friends was good, by the way.(11:01 PM)

ER: Act 3 again: Jerry rocks. That was funny. Otherwise, yawn.(10:54 PM)

Giant dinosaurs arrived with a bang. A meteorite impact may explain the rapid rise of huge, carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as their demise [New Scientist](10:46 PM)

ER: Act 3. Yawn.(10:44 PM)

I'll tell you this much, have a kid and you will find that sick and dying kids is not entertaining television. At all.(10:36 PM)

It's ER night on Webcrumbs. Well, ER and "trash talking Bush" night. Who's playing the woman lawyer (the one from the hot coals walking at the start)? Is she one of the mothers on Dharma and Greg? Where do we know her from?(10:36 PM)

Ah, the Red Sox lost tonight. They just don't do that anymore...(10:32 PM)

Second act is over. I enjoyed the commercial (Miller beer, guy hitching a ride with a trucker who has a dummy) more than the act. It's getting sensationalist. And they killed a kid off. They love killing off kids.

Oh, Andrew, I agree with you about the best episode. But I also thought the Greene episode about the botched childbirth ("Love's Labor Lost") with Bradley Whitford was their best dramatic episode.(10:30 PM)

More Andrew...

Despite all of my instincts, I am watching ER right this minute. I look forward to reading Andrew's deconstruction of this episode.

So far, with the first act over, it's actually somewhat gripping. It feels like good old ER. We'll see how things go...(10:12 PM)

Andrew Pulrang on Cube:: "The problem is that as nasty as Castro's regiem undoubtedly is, it's hard for reasonable people to imagine Cuba as a threat to us. So, what is Cuba? Certainly not an "Evil Empire." How about "The Vaguely Unpleasant Archipelago?""(10:08 PM)

Photo Op-Portunism: "So now the White House gets caught peddling 9/11 commemorative photos. With all the class of a 1:30 a.m. infomercial for an electronic ab stimulator, the G.O.P. pitched donors, for a bargain price, a pictorial triptych of W.'s "defining moments." "

Is there no end? If it seems I've done little but blog op-eds decrying the Bushes lately it's because I stand in utter amazement that he's getting away with all of this. So, Clinton got a blow job and had shaky connections (never proven) to whitewater and he's evil. But this president let his energy policy be written by Enron, exploits 9/11 for both civil-liberties-crushing policies and for his own political gain, an undeclared war (so as to get the spoils of war without the responsibilities of war) on a vague enemy (which he has yet to find), and now this? Wake up America. After this, Clinton is going to go down in history as a President who got caught lying over the least consequential stuff.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was my bleeding heart on my sleeve again? I hate when that happens. Laundry bills, you know.(9:55 PM)

Monday, May 13, 2002
The MCU: Jim's Web Accessibility Weblog(11:16 PM)

Persons of Density(10:26 PM)

Jack finally got his hair cut last night. Here he is all freshly cut (and with Gnocchi all over his face). A picture named Jack-Haircut.jpg

A picture named Jack-Haircut-2.jpg

I don't know what we said. But here is his ticked-off look.A picture named Jack-Pout.jpg

We had an amazing sunset tonight after all the storms today. A picture named SwirlCloud.jpg

A picture named Sunset.jpg

Finally, a tree in our back yard bloomed. A picture named Tree.jpg

(9:37 PM)

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