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Friday, May 03, 2002
This site explains a problem I've been struggling with obsessively for two days now. I checked, double-checked, triple-checked the html and the css and could find no reason for it to be happening on our site. Thankfully, someone on the CSS-D list helped me out and pointed me to that site. I'll spare you my "IE/Windows sucks" rant. If you work with CSS you already know this.(9:11 AM)

Thursday, May 02, 2002
Food Reference Website: Culinary history, quotes, recipes, trivia, humor, poetry, crossword, and more!. I learned that May is National Artisans Gelato Month. Mmmmm.... gelato....(4:13 PM)

Tuesday, April 30, 2002
NASA Unveils Photos From the Hubble's Newest Camera. NASA unveiled images of a galactic tadpole, a nursery for newborn stars and a giant pillar of dust today in the first batch of pictures snapped by Hubble Space Telescope's newest camera. [New York Times: Science](4:59 PM)

Monday, April 29, 2002
Like many parents, Ann and Jack and I watched tonight's Blue's Clues event on Nick Jr. In case you missed it, tonight they showed three new episodes in a row. In the first one, Steve's brother Joe comes to visit Steve. In the second, Joe learns how to play Blue's Clues and in the third, we learn that Steve is going off to college and Joe is going to live with Blue and all of Steve's friends and take over playing Blue's Clues with us. All in all, the episodes were very well done and even brought a tear to our eyes when Steve said goodbye. But I also had some issues with the three shows:

  • Joe is much taller than Steve. So much so that Steve looked like a little old man next to him.
  • Steve clearly looked like a man ready to move on with his career. So much so that he seemed very flat. And short. But I mentioned that.
  • During the college episode, I kept getting images of Steve in a frat house screaming "Kegger!" on the top of his lungs.
  • I also had images of Steve trying to pick up girls by trying to put paw prints on parts of their bodies ("So, our clues are... a cat... a banana... and a tube of..." Ok. Maybe not.)
  • I really thought the very end was completely unnecessary, the way that Slippery came in after Steve left on his bus and told Joe and everyone else that Steve was shot down over the sea of Japan.

(Extra points if you get that last reference...)(9:21 PM)

Macromedia - Designer & Developer : How to Use Dreamweaver MX to Code for Web Standards. More promising still...(5:05 PM)

Macromedia - Designer & Developer : Best Practices with CSS in Dreamweaver MX. I'm starting to get interested in the new Dreamweaver. Older versions have been shackling, at best, in terms of CSS and standards-compliant HTML (especially xhtml which I am now migrating my work into). This is promising. MacOS X version due in May.(5:04 PM)

National Weather Service Sterling. Pictures of the tornadoes in our area yesterday.(1:47 PM)

Beyond 508. Interesting alternative uses for assistive technology...(12:21 PM)

Beyond 508. Interesting alternative uses for assistive technology...(12:19 PM)

Sunday, April 28, 2002
Boston Globe Online / Sports / Lowe's theater. Derek Lowe pitches a no-hitter, the first at Fenway Park since 1965. How ironic is it that the Red Sox are having an incredible season and we are living in Virginia, away from all the excitement. Thank gods for the audio so we can listen to every game...(7:43 PM)

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