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Friday, April 19, 2002
Farscape, X-Men, Startide Rising. It's been a sci-fi kinda day. Except for the part when I went to work and did stuff.

Yes, that's all the blogging you get from me today.(11:24 PM)

Thursday, April 18, 2002
Sky and Telescope - A Rare Dance of Planets. Go out and look!(3:13 PM)

Here's a Number That Will Reduce You to Tears ( A pollen count of 90 is considered "high." Yesterday, in DC, it was 2,587. Even I am feeling it. This morning I said to Ann that I should see a doctor as I think I am developing allergies. I'm glad to see that it's just an over-the-top pollen count and now some new failure of my immune system.(3:11 PM)

Cuomo's Criticism of Pataki's Role After 9/11 Sets Off Furor. Finally, someone speaking bluntly. Everyone's been using 9/11 as a way to gain some ground politically and, perhaps, Cuomo is doing that here. But he's also dead on right about this, imho.(1:26 PM)

Wednesday, April 17, 2002
Primate ancestor lived with dinos. The common ancestor of humans, monkeys, apes and other primates may
have arisen much earlier than thought. [BBC News: sci/tech](10:37 PM)

Leper Messiah asks, "When was it ok for news anchors to moralize about the news they are reporting? The worst offenders of this are the anchors on MSNBC. Watching a segment on the suicide bombers & how they portray themselves as martyrs, the anchor was visibly disturbed, almost in a B-movie way. Look, if I wanted bad acting, I'd rent a Mickey Rourke movie. Stick to the news, leave the moralizing to the viewers." Damn straight!(10:25 PM)

A picture named headlines.jpg Read the two headlines in the middle. I feel the same way. We don't need any more insects. Get out. You're fired. Get some new scientists who will find useful things like cures for diseases or cold fusion or something. [Picture from](10:08 PM)

Monday, April 15, 2002
Of Early Writing and a King of Legend(11:41 PM)

How to Fix the Dot-Government(11:38 PM) || Uberman's sleep schedule "Over the past month, I've managed to convert my sleep cycles to something called the Uberman's sleep schedule. The end result is that I am sleeping roughly three hours a day. How did I do it? Is it safe?" Wild... just wild... I wish I could try this out. But work and child pretty much prevent me from even thinking about trying...(1:32 PM)

Kids' Corner: Website Usability for Children (Alertbox April 2002) "Our usability study of kids found that they are as easily stumped by confusing websites as adults. Unlike adults, however, kids tend to view ads as content, and click accordingly. They also like colorful designs, but demand simple text and navigation.
" [Another great link from The Shifted Librarian (link below)](1:21 PM)

" Read on, it gets much, much better.(1:17 PM)

A Top-Secret, One-of-a-Kind Mac "In a drafty shed in rural northern California is perhaps the rarest Macintosh ever made: an electronically shielded Mac used by a spy or military agency. The machine appears to be unique, and is so secret, no one knows anything about it."(1:08 PM)

Jolly new threat to our freedoms: Excellent article! [Via The Shifted Librarian](12:30 PM)

A Mirror to Reflect a Grotesque Society: A review of The Elephant Man on Broadway: "This startling act of magic is of a kind that only theater affords, and it summons deeper responses than the carefully arranged, often eloquent words of Mr. Pomerance's drama. Mr. Crudup's moment of transformation, which signals the death of Merrick, evokes both relief and dismay. The lines that divide beauty and ugliness have been confoundingly blurred, and you are left uneasily sorting out your reactions."

What a beautifully written review. I very much want to see the play as I've always had an odd interest in John Merrick.(6:50 AM)

Sunday, April 14, 2002
I'm sunburnt and I ache in places I forgot could ache at all.

See, I spent most of the day outside working on the lawn. Now that I'm a homeowner, I have a lawn and I get to join that club of people who worry over their lawn. Let's forget, for the moment, that my lawn is actually only slightly larger than a postage stamp (it's about 10' by 10') and just bask in the glory of rakes, hoes, sharp-claw-rake-thingy's, seed, hose, sprinklers, and fertilizers and heave a collective sigh, shall we?

Every townhouse on my street has nice green lawns. We have a Malcom in the Middle brown patch of dirt. We waited to see what would grow and, except for a single large tuft in the middle (which I grew long and attempted a lawn-comb-over on) nothing really came of it. So, I clawed up the rest of the dead grass, laid down some new topsoil, sprinkled (by hand, something I'm sure I'll pay for later when I get weird clumpy grass) the seed and watered the mess. In a few days I'll add fertilizer.

After I came in, I noticed that I felt much worse than I figured I should. Sure, I should be tired but I felt actually sick. That should have tipped me off since I always run a fever when I get a sunburn, just part of the magic of being me. It wasn't until dinner that Ann took one look at me and said "You got a sunburn."

And now I'm feeling it. That and aches all over my body. Guess I need to get into shape, too. Ah well, it was a good day's work.(10:54 PM)

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