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Thursday, March 07, 2002
Oh dammit.

I was all set in my new decision to hate ER and not watch it anymore. But due to inertia, we started watching it tonight (in fact, we also watched Just Shoot Me which we never do due to the aforementioned inertia) and it turned out to be a well-written, insightful, funny, dramatic, moving, and all-around good episode. They made me care about this new core of central characters (now that all of the old ones have left). Bastards. I was looking forward to having that hour back ;)

Then the commercial advertising the upcoming weeks just came on and it was more over-the-top crap. But NBC has always done that with their coming attractions ads. Remember all the Enya in the Friends ads? I mean, Enya with Friends? What planet are they from?(11:00 PM) - The Official William Shatner Website. Even William Shatner has a weblog. Wow.(3:52 PM)

Well, our cable is finally back after 48+ hours. The problem? We were disconnected at the local junction box. The reason? The tech didn't know. He figures it was a mistake. They disconnected the wrong people. What pisses me off is that the people I spoke to at Cox had no idea what was wrong. They were not aware that any disconnections had been performed at my or other nearby addresses. Shouldn't they know that kind of thing? Pretty lousy service. In the week we've had cable it's been down nearly 3 days. Not great uptime.

I don't suppose anyone has a copy of this week's west wing I can borrow...(2:04 PM)

Tuesday, March 05, 2002
Chinese explorers 'discovered America' "When explorer Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1492, he was 72 years behind a Chinese expeditionary force, which had already made its way to the area.

And although Captain James Cook was credited with discovering Australia for the British Empire in 1770, the Chinese had mapped the island continent 337 years earlier."
(3:18 PM)

Mark Twain. "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]

One of my all-time favorite quotes.(2:34 PM)

Waiting for the A Train, the Sophisticated Pigeon: "A little more than a year ago, a motorman and a conductor on the A line, which terminates at the Far Rockaway station, swore to this reporter that it was true. They said it was common knowledge among longtime riders and those who worked on the line. Pigeons, they said, would board the trains at the outdoor terminal and step off casually at the next station down the line, Beach 25th Street, as if they were heading south but were too lazy, or too fat, to fly.

The bit in that article about a cat riding a dog is true. I've seen this very thing with my own eyes. I forget if it was here in DC or back in Boston.(1:16 PM)

Yesterday was Jack's 2nd birthday. Happy birthday Jack! He spent the day watching movers unload all of our stuff from the truck and then driving around with his parents to Target, K-Mart, Best Buy...

OK, so it wasn't the best birthday a kid could ask for but, then again, all of the family and all of our stuff is in the same place again for the first time in months and he got a brand new crib to sleep in. So, it wasn't that bad either... :)(10:58 AM)

A Song about BBEdit Scary thing is, I know how he feels.(10:57 AM)

Sunday, March 03, 2002
Junkbusters Home Page. Excellent tips here for dealing with telemarketers, et al.(10:52 PM)

Home at last
This is the first night we're staying in the new place and the first time I've been online here and blogged, etc.

I had one hell of a day though. I wrote up something about it here. It's not my best writing but I'm still a bit wigged out about what happened today so my funny isn't on right now. Maybe I'll rewrite it in a few days when some time has gone by and I can laugh at the events a bit more...(10:37 PM)

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