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Saturday, January 26, 2002 || Craps: The Most Fun You Can Have with Two Dice

I learned craps this past fall and fell in love with it.(9:34 AM)

Turning Macs on Thievery. Stolen computers are notoriously difficult to recover. But a Houston man cleverly found his sister's stolen iMac using remote control software, friends on the Net, luck and brains. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

Very clever!(9:23 AM)

Thursday, January 24, 2002
Atlas - Xpeditions @ is a free service providing printable maps. Very nice!(8:35 AM)

Tuesday, January 22, 2002
CamWorld: Thinking Outside the Box: "Winerlog has been great lately."

Huh. I went and checked out Winerlog (no link from me) and I felt it to be childish and mean. Dave Winer is many things both good and bad but I do not think that anyone deserves public ridicule. That's got to hurt even though he doesn't show it. Debate the points, discuss the issues. Don't ridicule the man. That's a primary school tactic.(6:45 PM)

"The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need! My name in print! That really makes somebody! Things are going to start happening to me now." -- Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin) Jerk, The (1979)(6:28 PM)

Well, I've got one reader! apulrang.diary: "Andy wonders if anyone is reading his blog. I'm curious about that myself, about my own diary. However, I know I read Andy's, and I know he's ready mine. That's enough to keep me at it. Because really, I don't think I blog for actual readers, but for myself and some sort of hypothetical reader. If I were all of a sudden to find out a lot about a whole bunch of new readers, I think it would change my blogging style and habits. I don't know if they'd change for better or worse, but they would definitely change. I don't mind if that happens, but I'm in no hurry for it to happen, either"

Andrew has a good point. Right now, I have a pretty good idea who is reading this. For the most part it is friends, no family (not sure why, but I don't push much either), and a few other bloggers who found me at some point, liked a particular entry and linked to it and now wonder why they are still reading :)

But what if my audience widened a great deal? What would change? Well, I'd probably get a lot less personal in what I write. Not that I'm that personal now but I'm certainly not quiet about some things.

It's an interesting point of view. If I ever get that popular, I'll revisit this. But I doubt that that will happen.(6:25 PM)

And now, in the useless department: My blogger code is B9 d++ t- k s u f i o e l c--(6:19 PM)

Alternative Lord of the Rings(5:41 PM)

Monday, January 21, 2002
Well, I've been using Radio for a week now and I have to say, it's damn nice. I am now using it to drive my blogger site and all posts are being streamed through Radio rather than some here, some there. Ultimatley, I will keep both sites as my blogger site is my personal home page on my personal domain which is how I want it. I will keep this because of all of the community features it offers (referral listings, rankings, automatic RSS files, etc.) So, I'll have two websites with nearly identical content. Strange, but what the hey.

Now I need to get the stuff that's still up in my manila site over to one of the two. Then again, maybe I should mirror stuff from here to there and keep THREE sites going! Oh the insanity of it all!(10:44 AM)

Larry Hardiman. "The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'." [Quotes of the Day](8:35 AM)

Sunday, January 20, 2002
Yoko Ono slams Beatle death as derivative. LONDON, Tuesday: Yoko Ono, the widow of John Lennon, has criticised former Beatle George Harrison for attempting to cash in on the legacy of John Lennon. Harrison, 58, died this week at his home in Los Angeles, following a brief battle with cancer and a long battle with Yoko Ono. [Chaser](9:31 PM)

Harry Potter fans warn against dangerous effects of Bible. OXFORD, Tuesday: A number of concerned British Harry Potter fans have spoken out against the Bible, claiming that the holy text of the Christian Church can cause serious damage to children, who might interpret the miracles as evidence of the supernatural. [Chaser](9:28 PM)

Ok, I'm curious. Given that the radio site's referrals listing lists only hits from me and I haven't bothered to check the logs for the version of this site at I have no idea if anyone is reading this. So, if you are, drop me a note and let me know. Or link to me if there's something worth linking to, or send me an owl or something.

Let's expand the question: what makes a weblog interesting and what makes one one that you just glance at and then forget?(4:17 PM)

We drove around looking at open houses, neighborhoods, and houses that are for sale but not open. Nothing stirred us the way the two townhomes we saw yesterday did. So, this is going to take some time. But we're in much better spirits today because we feel a little more in control of the process. And, in a strange way, it felt good to reject some places. We made a bit of a game out of it. Because we had Jack with us and because Jack was in ultra-cranky-baby mode, we took turns going in to look at places while the other stayed with Jack in the car. When we were both done we told each other what the other person liked and didn't like about it.

"OK," I said, "You really liked the sunken living room and the built-in bookshelves but you hated the main Brady Bunch style stairs and the weird kitchen"

"Exactly!" said Ann. "And you liked the finished TV room in the basement but didn't care for the back yard and the lack of a gardening place."

The nice thing about this is that I really do grok what Ann is looking for so that when she goes back to Rhode Island, I'll be able to look at places and accurately judge what she would think about them.

It's going to be a long strange trip until we finally get settled somewhere...(4:02 PM)

Lucas Marshall's Weblog: "The weblog that never gets any visitors."

I think that describes me as well :)

Lucas has built a neat tool which displays the song currently playing in iTunes on his blog page. I can't wait for him to release it so I can

a) Run it myself

2) Figure out how he wrote it so I can write cool things too (3:47 PM)

Luxo Redux - Brilliant.(6:39 AM)

Buying a house sucks. There's no two ways about it. And there's no reason to mince words. It sucks. A lot. We drove around in the snow yesterday looking at the outside of a few places we'd gotten from our buyer agent just to see if we were intrested in seeing the inside (we couldn't get ahold of her so figured we'd at least do this much). Both were excellent from the outside. So, we called and asked her to get us in to see the inside. Uh oh. Both were already under contract. That took no time. So, we're going to go back out today and do open houses, new listings, etc. But it appears that the only people who get to buy these units are the ones who get there first before anyone at all. With a 22 month-old, we aren't exactly fleet of foot, if you know what I mean. And Ann and Jack have to go back to Rhode Island at the end of the week meaning that I either have to make any buying decisions without her input or hope that we can get her down here on a plane before it's too late. So, this process sucks.

If anyone has any good advice, I'm all eyes.(6:35 AM)

susurration: Word of the Day. This seems oddly appropriate for 5:30 in the morning...(5:21 AM)

Doc Searls on Blogging: "Blogging for me is mostly a matter of discovery and curiousity. Maybe that is what makes it different than capital-J journalism. If I want to compose a finished set of findings and opinions, I'll produce an essay, a column or a book. If I put it here, it isn't done."

I agree completely.(5:20 AM)

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