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Friday, January 18, 2002
And we're back. was down and out for two days thanks to a screwup either at Verisign or with me. Either I didn't pay them or their records got messed up. I have to dig through my records to figure that one out. They had an old address and email on file for me and it is a pain in the ass to update those things with them so I never got around to it. But I did keep paying them.

Well, whatever. We're back now. Let's see how much email I lost due to bounces. Maybe I got auto-removed from spam lists? One can only hope...(10:52 PM) is still down. It will take 24-48 hours for Verisgn to update my account and propogate the domain back out to the internet at large. So, I'm not getting email nor is my regular weblog up and running (and I doubt these entries can be automatically added by the radio-blogger bridge after-the-fact). Not happy today. Not one bit.(3:51 PM)

Why does Verisgn make it so hard to manage domains with them? I have two. One of them is currently inactive because they claim I haven't paid them and that I have to prove that I have before they will reactivate me. So, now I have to troll through my banking statements and receipts to find the right thing. That would be fine if those files weren't up in Rhode Island. I paid a renewal to get it reactivated and if I can prove I previously paid (a year or two ago when I renewed for many years) then they will make my renewal go from the actual expire date rather than the one they have on file. Very annoying. And the only reason I didn't get any notices from them is because the admin and billing contact information was very old and they make it nearly impossible to update that information in the first place.

So, that's my saga for today. If you are trying to email me, don't use my address. It's nonfunctional at the moment. Use one of the other addresses you have for me. If you have no others, wait 24-48 hours and try again.(9:32 AM)

Kelvin Throop III. "Isn't it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?" [Quotes of the Day] What a great quote!(6:27 AM)

Thursday, January 17, 2002
Media and War, Appearance and Reality "Coverage of the "war on terrorism" has reversed the traditional role between the press and the military. Abandoning the hypercritical coverage of the past, the media have become cheerleaders -- allowing the conflict in Afghanistan to become synonymous with the war at large and portraying that war as an unalloyed success. The reversal of roles between media and military creates public expectations that can affect the prosecution of the war."(8:47 PM)

Dan Heller's Photos of The World Trade Center. These are beautiful. Makes me very sad. I've seen all of these views in real life when I lived in New York City.(7:57 PM)

Wednesday, January 16, 2002
We're back ... New Wallace and Gromit! YES!(9:19 PM)

Dating Tips from the Onion. LOL funny.(5:00 PM)

The Onion | Infographic. New features of the iMac. It's all true.(2:13 PM)

UN concern for US Afghan captives. UN human rights chief Mary Robinson urges the Americans to treat their
al-Qaeda captives in Cuba humanely. [BBC News: world](10:31 AM)

A great "Red Meat"(10:04 AM)

If you are reading this then I was able to post a weblog entry via email
through Radio Userland. Not sure how often I would use this since access to
email means access to the web, but you never know...(9:56 AM)

Galileo's Final Blaze of Glory [Slashdot]. They need to crash Galileo into Jupiter due to fears that Earth-originating bacteria could possibly contaminate Europa should the craft run out of fuel and crash into it. If Europa has life on it (a possibility) then we cannot take any chances.(7:31 AM) Word of the Day. fugacious [ Word of the Day](7:27 AM) Wireless Gets Danger-ous "Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of joining the hyper-connected set is a shortage of pockets. Carrying a mobile phone, PDA and maybe a wireless e-mail device like a Blackberry can become a logistical challenge." -- Arik Hesseldahl

Me? I have a variety of small bags I use depending on what I need to carry around. Generally, I have a cell phone on my belt and my laptop and Palm in my backpack. I used to wear a blackberry and I sometimes do miss it but I've found that I am no longer the hyper-wired. Part of it is being a parent. I no longer want to be connected when I am not physically in the office. Rather, I want to be with my family. Also, I've done the hyper-wired thing. It's stressful. You're always answering calls and emails and dealing with things. I like being out and about and just enjoying what I am doing. I have more control over my life now. Maybe my job will change such that I need to be more on call and will have to go back to the hyper-wired lifestyle. That's fine. But it's not something I am looking for outside of that potential necessity.(6:43 AM)

Apple's Myths Page does a good job of summing up the most common myths about the Mac. The main comment I have for people today is to stop using the same old arguments especially now that MacOS X is out and has completely changed the landscape. There were a lot of valid criticisms of OS 9 and what came before (though I was perfectly happy and productive in those operating systems) but OS X is industrial strength, UNIX based, highly mature and extremely stable. (6:27 AM)

Tuesday, January 15, 2002
I now have Radio set up to submit all changes to my blogger site in addition to the radio site. So, the Webcrumbs main site will be the most complete while the Radio-based site will only contain those items I submit via Radio.(11:34 PM)

Row deepens over prisoners' treatment. The United States comes under mounting pressure to grant al-Qaeda and
Taleban suspects held in Cuba full rights as prisoners-of war. [BBC News: world](11:14 PM) Everything you could possibly want to know about the medieval siege engine... (not the MS font, which is nice too).(2:25 PM)

The United States is losing the right to lead the free world

"Many of the prisoners in Cuba may indeed be the lowest and vilest men on earth, which is why they must be guaranteed scrupulously fair treatment. Human rights are fragile and easily crushed unless we are prepared to ensure them for the people we hate and demand their implementation from people we support and admire.

"I speak not as a dreamer but as one of the millions around the world who are terrified that this latest Western deceit will massively increase support for terrorism. Dictators and cruel, charismatic leaders will now tell gullible people ? quite rightly ? that the Western allies kill human rights when it suits them." --Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

(7:13 AM)

Monday, January 14, 2002
Webcrumbs: Radio Edition: I'm testing out Radio Userland 8.0 and am therefore running two blogs at the same time. Confused yet? I sure am...(11:38 PM)

Interview with the iMac's designer. Very interesting.(11:06 PM)

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