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Saturday, January 05, 2002
You know, I'm no closer to knowing what they are. But there is a little british store underneath the office I work in, so I'll see if they have any... I may even mix them with Diet Coke... This is another 2002 resolution. Watch this space for details...(10:30 PM) life.unfolding "Diet Coke, when drunk after a mouthful of cheesy quavers, tastes and smells like sweaty old uncle."

What? you ask... well, I was watching Brit Wit on PBS here in Virginia and one of the characters made a reference to Cheesy Quavers so I had to go look it up on the net to find out what the frick they were. See for yourself...(10:17 PM)

Friday, January 04, 2002
The New York Review of Books: Notes on Prejudice "Few things have done more harm than the belief on the part of individuals or groups (or tribes or states or nations or churches) that he or she or they are in sole possession of the truth: especially about how to live, what to be & do?& that those who differ from them are not merely mistaken, but wicked or mad: & need restraining or suppressing. It is a terrible and dangerous arrogance to believe that you alone are right: have a magical eye which sees the truth: & that others cannot be right if they disagree."(10:47 PM)

NPR's All Things Considered: What Went Wrong With Islam, Bernard Lewis "Lewis, an emeritus professor at Princeton University, explores the decline of Islamic culture in a new book, What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response. The central premise of the book is likely to stir fierce debate, because it describes an Islamic world trying to catch up with the Western world for 400 years."(10:40 PM)

Monday, December 31, 2001
Closing Remarks

Well, it's the end of what was, by and large, a pretty crappy year. It sucked for a lot of people as the economy downturn made itself felt and then after the events of September 11th. We've seen layoffs, terrorism, war, one scary-ass Attorney General, and far, far too much Brittany. As for us, we've been through two miscarriages, a layoff which, while voluntary on my part, dropped me into a stagnant job market, and whole lots more. But everyone is healthy and Jack is just a joy. We have friends who have gone way above and beyond the call of duty (you know who you are Chris) and friends who have been, well, friends (and you all know who you are -- I'd list names but I know I'd forget one of you and never hear the end of it!). Long distant friends have returned to our lives (one I just got in touch with today for the first time in... wait, let me count... 15 years) and others are still right where we left them (except that we just lost another friend to Texas, what the hell is up with that?).

So, my resolutions for next year are as follows:

  1. Properly thank everyone who has done so much for us and to always be sure I am being there and doing the same for them, should they need it.
  2. Get going on baby #2 and have it work this time, dammit!
  3. Get ourselves settled and stop the nomadic life we are living currently.
  4. Get ourselves to a place where we can sit back and enjoy life. Really enjoy life.
  5. loseweightstopbitingnailsyaddayadda.
  6. There is no #6.
  7. Play more Playstation 2 (it's my only vice, give me a break!)

Happy New Year everyone! Let 2002 be a lot better than 2001 was...

PS: "Closing Remarks" does not mean I am stopping blogging. You can't get rid of me that easily...(3:51 PM)

Sunday, December 30, 2001
Esquire:Humor:This Way Out:What I've Learned: God(10:43 PM)

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