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Thursday, December 13, 2001
No links today. I just wanted to throw out there how much I love West Wing. Last night's episode blew me away but I was even more blown away this morning in the shower when I realized the significance of what the President gave Leo at the very end. I'd say more but my wife reads this and she hasn't seen the episode yet.

Bad News: Giambi to the Yankees.

Good News: Everett to the Rangers.

Go see: Ocean's Eleven.

Good night.(10:28 PM)

Wednesday, December 12, 2001
Where Did That Galaxy Go? In the "not very far future" the universe will be a darker and lonelier place, and astronomers will look to the skies to see only dimming, frozen images of distant galaxies, like the fading photographs of friends who don't call anymore. That was depressing.(2:50 PM)

Tuesday, December 11, 2001
The Layout Reservoir - BlueRobot: More sample layouts.(3:54 PM)

W3C CSS Validation Service: What ever child wants this Christmas.(3:53 PM)

CSS Tutorial: Looks good, but still haven't looked at it much.(3:52 PM) Style Sheet Reference Guide: More by Eric Meyer.(3:52 PM)

Guide to Cascading Style Sheets: Just found this. Looks good but I haven't delved deep yet.(3:51 PM)

css/edge One of the best sites for innovative CSS use. Designed by Eric Meyer, author of the O'Reilly guide to CSS (a must-have book if you are doing CSS work).(3:50 PM)

webgraphics: A beautiful site...(3:48 PM)

Cascading Style Sheets: CSS1, CSS2 Browser Support: what browsers support what...

In case you were wondering, I use IE 5.1 for OS X most of the time and Netscape 6.2.x most of the rest. I rarely use OmniWeb anymore as it is dog slow and still has issues rendering some pages which the others do not have.(3:46 PM) : CSS layout techniques: Excellent, basic information for doing page layouts (watch this space, I'll be redoing this very site to be 100% CSS with no tables at all soon...)(3:45 PM) Experiments in Web Programming Some excellent tutorials. Not all of which work on the Mac, but the CSS stuff does and is invaluable.(3:44 PM)

The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers A good list of browsers and their complaince to standards.

Watch out, geek zone. I'm going to be blogging some CSS sites with tutorials and info as well as some XML-RPC stuff as well. We'll get back to politics and education a bit later on :)(3:44 PM)

Monday, December 10, 2001
Oh Puhleeze: Terminator 3: Attack of the Terminatrix(9:36 PM)

Sunday, December 09, 2001
Higher Ed-K12 Ed and Distance Learning. Finally! post about education and technology. I thought I'd gotten completely lost there for a bit...(11:18 PM)

Glenn Fleishman on Ashcroft: "Extremism in Opposition to Liberty is a Vice" It's time for Mr. Ashcroft to be forced out of his position and replaced with an Attorney General who is familiar with the Consitutition and statutory U.S. law. The fact that he defends arbitrary treatment of citizens and non-citizens in the U.S., separate non-standard (non-military) treatment of foreign resident or visitors, and criticizes criticism of attacks on liberty all disqualify him from the job.(11:01 PM)

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