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Saturday, October 06, 2001
The New York Review of Books: Saving Us from Darwin, Part II Part 2 of the article I blogged a week+ back.(7:22 AM)

Friday, October 05, 2001 People | Police make doughnut run via chopper If you had a helicopter, wouldn't you?(8:42 PM)

Thursday, October 04, 2001
Read Darwin -The Elements of E-Mail Style Hear! Hear! I'm SICK of getting badly formatted email. I spend huge parts of my day reading email. Please, make it readable! Some additions to the list in this article:

  • Trim the quoted text to just the relevant bits
  • If you are forwarding a forward of a forward (etc) first, ask yourself if you should even be doing that (I have too many people who forward me the same thing over and over and I have rarely ever appreciated it). If you really should (and you probably shouldn't. Really) trim out the excess forwards.
  • Really, you shouldn't. If it's a joke, I've probably heard it. If it's a petition, it's not going to help. Internet petitions are useless. I'm politically active in my own way on my own time. If it's worthwhile, I'll find out about it through more legitmate means. If it's a virus warning, I don't care, I use a Mac. If it's a warning about something else, I don't care. I'll find out about it through legitimate sources. 99% of these things are hoaxes. The other 1% I already know about.
  • Really.
  • Rather than just using complete URLs, I would also enclose them in <>'s so the beginning and end are clear.

Sorry if I sound cranky, but I get so much email and I delete so much of it. If everyone sent everything that they were told to ("Forward this to everyone you know") we'd all drown in the flood. If we all stopped, email could be a truly useful tool again and not a time sink.

Wow, I am cranky about this.(9:51 PM)

WTC Tourist + More. These are sick and just too funny. And some people will be offended, I'm sure. But hey, it's time to laugh a little too.(9:33 PM)

Jack visits the Farmstand (QuickTime 5.x, 5.7 MB) The first iMovie project I have worked on in over a year (lame, I know). But I love this one. Warning, it's a huge download so don't do this over a modem unless you have time. A lot of time.(9:13 PM)

Well, if things go well, and you are reading this, then something cool has worked. I am writing this blog entry not in a web browser but in a simple notepad application on my Mac. I'm trying out an AppleScript that can take a block of text and insert it into my blog through the magic of XML-RPC. Let's see if this works...(3:23 PM)

Chicago Show Explores the van Gogh-Gauguin Connection Unlike the familiar brainless extravaganzas, this effort involves real ideas and even a little hard work on your part, with the result that you leave it not quite the same. It's a serious and very beautiful show with a phonebook full of information for a catalog and a painstaking, nearly day-by-day account of the claustrophobic weeks in 1888 when van Gogh and Gauguin drove each other nutty at the Yellow House in Arles. -- I wonder if this show will tour or if we have to go to Chicago to see it...(7:59 AM)

Scientists Report Finding a Gene for Speech I need to go back to Matt Ridley's book Genome and see what he writes about this. The book predates this discovery but he talked about it extensively. Damn my poor memory for a book I just finished a month ago.(7:50 AM)

Wednesday, October 03, 2001
I'm now an associate. If you buy from by going through my site, I get a little bit back from them. Think of it as helping sponsor this site. If you like what you see here and are going to shop at Amazon anyway, go through here and help me out. Think of Jack's college education :) (See the link on the left side of the page).(11:44 PM)

AccessEdu I just started another weblog focusing specifically on distance learning and accessibility (either individually or together). I started it because I am doing a lot of online research on this now and didn't want to flood this blog with the links I am finding. There's enough that I wanted to keep it separated from this. Who knows, it may grow into something useful. For now, I'm just using it to keep myself sane. The new blog, btw, can easily become a community project. People are welcome to ask me to help blog on it (you can do that with blogger, fwiw).(3:42 PM)

NewsForge | Ignore SSSCA, risk becoming a 'federal felon, overnight'(1:05 PM)

Bush Watch. This site is running some interesting articles looking at the connections between the Bush family monies and bin Laden's money. I'm only part way through, but what I've seen is interesting so far.(11:10 AM)

Yeah, I know, lots of links and no commentary. I've been blogging in bed this morning and I can't type very well. You don't want to know where I'm sitting right now to write this. Maybe having wireless is giving me too much freedom... Anyway, I'm waiting for Jack to wake up so I can feed him breakfast and get his day going. Ann's off to Rhode Island to pick up her folks and bring them up here to watch Jack so she can start packing. We're moving in about 3 weeks. She and Jack to her parents' house in Rhode Island and me to stay with my friend Chris in Virginia. I'll be flying/driving back to RI on most weekends to see Ann and Jack. We're doing this insanity for the next four or five months while we save some money and look for a place to move to in the DC area. I'm expected to be on the ground in the office in early November. I've been working remotely since I started in September. It's going to be insane and we're working on strategies to make it less painful. That reminds me: anyone out there know of good video conferencing software for Mac OS X?(7:54 AM)

Edu-Blogs(7:50 AM)

Greg Mcnulty: The Day(7:48 AM)

We're more nuts than you...(7:16 AM)

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Too cute...(3:44 PM)

Jack was being very cute yesterday...
(3:35 PM)

Monday, October 01, 2001
NaNoWriMo ! I just signed up for this. It's wonderful. Go there now and sign up. Maybe we can egg each other on. Whoever you are.(2:47 PM)

Sunday, September 30, 2001
Mainly, They Just Waited (LA Times). This is a chilling article describing what is known (publicly) about the hijackers.(11:56 AM)

Questions for Martin E. Marty, a Scholar of Religion (New York Times Magazine) The average person doesn't understand that Catholicism and most of Protestantism and Judaism are developing faiths -- development is built into the first generation. Islam has a loyalty to every word of the Koran, but its history has unfolded in different ways in different social climates. The fundamentalist, however, says there was a moment in history when a particular book, leader and original social community was perfect, which in my opinion never existed. In the period of the early Christians, Paul and Peter are fighting like mad in Acts already. But fundamentalists teach that there was that perfect moment, and in their selective retrieval they go back to that perfect moment. They say, ''We don't change at all,'' and people say, ''Yeah, while all the other people are compromising with modernity, these people really reach deep.'' But the hymnity, the songs, the scriptural base -- it's all a very particular interpretation, and the fundamentalist convinces us that it's always been there. --Martin E. Marty(11:09 AM)

13pt | 13 Days: The World Trade Center This is one of the best photo essays I've seen.(10:51 AM)

The top ten ugliest couches *shudder*(10:36 AM)

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