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February 23, 1996: Democracy

Note: This page was part of the 24 Hours of Democracy Project


What is democracy to me?

People working together cooperatively to make something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

A sense that everyone matters and has a place and a say in what effects them.

Freedom to suggest changes to how they are led or in who does the leading.

Freedom to be a part of the process and make changes.

The joy of being connected to others in shared responsibility and a shared goal.

I am part of many democracies:

Electronic Communities where we work together to make a healthier and richer environment for the netizens therein

Mailing Lists where we try to handle various disasters and problems in a fair and effective way

At work where we strive for the best service to our users while being fair amongst each other as colleagues

In my relationships where we try to work things out together, never any one person dictating to another

In my community, my state, my country

One day, I fervently hope, my planet...