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October 1997

Fri, Oct 31, 1997

  • Today is Samhain: All Hallow's Eve. Ann and I are going to Salem, Mass with some friends tonight.
  • More on the "Will he? Won't he?" front: Jobs may be chairman, not CEO.
  • Riven, the sequel to Myst, has started shipping (Yes, I already have a copy)
  • MacOSRumors, a daily rumors site, has an editorial: Fighting Fire with Fire. It points out how mainstream media doesn't "get it" yet.

Wed, Oct 29, 1997

  • Educom live webcast of speakers including Sherry Turkle and John Perry Barlow.
  • Education Week maintains excellent daily and weekly collections of articles across the country about Education.

Wed, Oct 22, 1997

Fri, Oct 17, 1997

Mon, Oct 13, 1997

  • I should have bookmarked this ages ago: TidBITS.
  • Meet their new publication: NetBITS.

Sat, Oct 11, 1997

Fri, Oct 10, 1997

Tue, Oct 7, 1997

Mon, Oct 6, 1997

Fri, Oct 3, 1997