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June 1997

Thu, 26 Jun 1997

  • The Communications Decency Act has been struck down!
  • The Supreme Court Transcript.
  • New York Times, WIRED News, CNN

  • eMates are a classroom hit.

  • Note:I'm going to be away on vacation. While I will have my trusty Newton 2000 with me and the ability to dial in, I don't plan on editing this page on the road. So, enjoy the 4th and see you back here on or around the 7th.

Wed, 25 Jun 1997

  • An unofficial but excellent web site about the band James.
  • Today I found a link asking me to "Vote For Your Favorite Mac News Site!" So I did. But in the process of looking at all the nominees, I found a few places I rather like.
  • First, is Version Tracker which simply keeps track of what new Mac software has been released. Very nice if you, like me, want to stay current on all the neat gizmos you've got installed.
  • Next is Extreme Mac which lists new software releases and top stories. Simple and to the point.
  • Finally MacNN Main News Page is also nice but provides a bit too much graphic headers at the top. The news part is too far down but it's well laid out. If only I could nix the top of the page.
  • Ultimately, I still prefer (and voted for) MacCentral's site which is the simplest yet most useful.

Mon, 23 Jun 1997

  • Two Net Regulation Laws struck down as unconstitutional.

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Sun, 8 Jun 1997

  • Welcome my new newphew, Joseph Armande Dragon, to the world. Joey was born at 3:23 PM EDT at 8 pounds, 2 ounces. There are no post-birth pictures, but there is a sonogram picture.

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